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Posters from Georgia & the Georgian alphabet

The Georgian Embassy in Copenhagen and the Danish Poster Museum in Den Gamle By present the pop-up exhibition ”Posters from Georgia & the Georgian alphabet”. 
The exhibition is commemorating the 100th anniversary of the First Democratic Republic of Georgia. 

Through the 20 posters on display, we share the story of the beautiful antique Georgian alphabet, which has three writing systems: 
and Mkhedruli.

Each system has its own cultural and social purpose, developed over hundreds of years. Both Mrgvlovani and Nuskhuri have traditionally been used by the Georgian Orthodox Church, while Mkhedruli, however, was created as a secular writing system outside the church. For this reason Mkhedruli has become the most widely known and used Georgian writing system today. 

The co-existence of the three writing systems through hundreds of years has played a vital role in the formation of a united cultural space in Georgia and determining Georgian identity. 

Half of the exhibited posters focus on a single letter, while others are movie and theatre posters from the collection of the Georgian State Museum, Art Palace. The movie posters have a complete different character. They are dramatic and expressive and illustrate the beauty of the Georgian Mkhedruli writing system. 

The exhibition is open for public in the Danish Poster Museum’s exhibition building in Den Gamle By from 26 April to 21 May 2018.