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Fields of Cooperation

 The legal base between Georgia and Denmark covers 5 Agreements that regulate issues in the field of development cooperation, double taxation on income and tax evasion.

Projects ongoing within "the Danish Neighborhood Program" for 2013-2017 focus on the following key areas: protection of human rights; support of the development of business and public administrations; IDP assistance; promotion of the reform of justice and penitentiary system; development of Georgian economy.

Danish Refugee Council greatly contributes to the protection of the minority rights, integration of the internally displaced persons (IDP) and to the assistance of the conflict-affected communities.

Since 2010 active cooperation is ongoing in the field of Defense in the following directions: military training and education, material and technical support of the Guard.

The main fields of economic cooperation are: transportation, communication system, fir cone collection, processing industry and medications.

The largest investment has been made by the Danish "Maersk" Company in Poti port. The company owning 80% of shares of the port, continues the development of infrastructure and implements new investments.

Cooperation is ongoing between Ambrolaury Municipality and Horsensy Business Council in trade and economy, as well as in the fields of tourism and culture.





2012 (11 month)










23 937

Trade turnover in 2009-2012 (11 months) (thousand USD):

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